Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and encourage keeping sheep in Connecticut. The CSBA
was formed in 1893, and we have been supporting Connecticut shepherds since that
time by educating sheep farmers about issues relevant to raising lamb and wool, and
facilitating marketing opportunities

Announcing the 107th Annual, 2016 Connecticut Sheep and Wool

April 30, 2016

The 2015 festival is a wrap!  Thank you to everyone that participated. The weather
cooperated; attendance was good and all reports from the vendors are positive.  
Again we had some great help from volunteers in providing demonstrations, help at
our T shirt booth and at the fleece sale.  We also had a number of 4-H clubs and
individuals working at the red barn activity center, parking cars, keeping the grounds
clean and providing vendor breaks!  Festival T -shirts are still available.  Contact Lara
if you would like to get one.

One skein of sock yarn was turned in as lost; if you think it is yours contact Cathy at
the email below.

Planning for the 2016 festival is underway!  If you want to be involved contact our
festival chair at dragonslairfarm@yahoo.com.

New vendors should send an email to our vendor chair expressing their interest.  
Business or farm name, location, product line, a couple of pictures and assurance of
the ability to provide a CT Sales and Use certificate and liability insurance.  

CT Blanket Reminder

It's not too late to sign up for the Wool Quality Workshop to be held on the western
side of the state on May 16th.  See the Wool Quality page for information.  We will be
offering a scarf size this year so even if you only have one sheep you can participate!

Membership Reminder

If you haven't renewed your membership please do so by May 15th.  There are
several upcoming projects that are available to members only so don't get left out.

URI Small Ruminant Parasite Control Workshops

SAVE THE DATE!!  Please join us at URI Peckham Farm on Thursday, July 23, 2015 for

·       Integrated Parasite Control / FAMACHA© Training Workshop (12:00 to 3:00 PM)

·       Fecal egg counting demonstration (3:00 to 3:30 PM)

·       Field Day on Alternative Methods for Small Ruminant Parasite Control focusing on
condensed tannin plants—Birdsfoot trefoil and Cranberry (4:30 to 8:00 PM).  

Attend one or all programs.  See the
flyer for details, directions and registration
information or visit our website,
http://web.uri.edu/sheepngoat/.  Contact:  Holly
Burdett, URI Cooperative Extension, (401) 874-2249 or hburdett@uri.edu.  Register
on-line at

Interested in Footvax vaccine?
From the California Wool Growers Association

"California Wool Growers Association is conducting a survey of U.S. sheep producers
to determine the potential sales volume for the Footvax vaccine and would appreciate
your cooperation in distributing the following survey request/information to your

Thank you!

California Wool Growers Association is conducting a survey of U.S. sheep producers to
determine the potential sales volume for the Footvax vaccine. For those interested in
purchasing the Footvax product (if it were to become available in the U.S.) please
submit an order request to info@woolgrowers.org. Please include your name, contact
information, and requested dosage amount.  

Although the vaccine is currently not available, the information submitted will be
included on a waiting list and California Wool Growers will alert those who have
requested the product once it becomes available.

For questions please contact Erica Sanko at erica@woolgrowers.org
or (916) 444-8122."

2015 Randall M. Knight Scholarship

The committee is in the process of making changes to the application process and will
post the form here when it is completed.

Donations to Close the Gap in memory of Laura "Jo" Judd

The Tolland County Agricultural Center is having a "Close the Gap" campaign to
purchase the Gunther Family Farm. The field where the dog trial has been held is part
of this property and it would be a wonderful addition to TAC, not to mention the buffer
it would give them by keeping a commercial venture from purchasing it.  In the 2013
manufacturing process there were 5 Queen Size CT Blankets made from excess
yardage.  The committee decided that because Jo spent so many years with Tolland
County 4-h, the Tolland Agricultural Center and so many Connecticut Sheep Breeders
Association projects, that these extra blankets should somehow benefit TAC's
accquisition of the Gunther Family Farm and decided to give the first five people who
donate an amount in excess of $175 one of these blankets. By doing it this way your
donation to TAC is tax deductible. Shipping will be extra and not included in the
donation. Please contact Sylvia for specific ordering information.
P.S.  TAC will accept donations in other amounts and you can designate that it be in
Jo's memory.
UPDATE 5/3/2015 - 4 blankets left

Attention New sheep producers/owners or anyone that needs help
with their sheep operation!

Announcing the American Sheep Industry Association Mentor Program: The ASI has
voted to continue the mentor program which allowed us to connect experienced
sheep producers with newer less experienced sheep producers, owners or “want to
be” sheep owners.  We kicked this program off at our Blue Ribbon Forum last year and
it was so well received that we would like to continue the effort by renewing the
program which offers consultation or even a site visit by one of our mentors.  As with
the program last year, the crux of the program is to share knowledge, help identify
areas of concern and match folks with resources.  Funding for this program has been
renewed by ASI, however, funds are limited so this is a “first come, first served”
situation and site visits will be discontinued when funding runs out. If you would like
to take advantage of this program, please contact one of our mentors from the list

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All rights reserved.

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Upcoming Events

4H Sheep Day
Saturday, May 30th
UCONN Ratcliffe Hicks Arena

Program Info & Registration

Health form

CT Blanket Wool Collection Days

Saturday, May 30th
Saturday, June 6th
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
UCONN Beef Barn



Melissa Higgins, Secretary
455 Root Road
Coventry, CT  06238
(860) 742-9519
Peter Sepe: Mentor Program Coordinator, pasepe@juno.com, (203) 270-9507

Colin Siegmund: Mentor Program Coordinator, colin.siegmund@uconn.edu, (860) 315-7684

Melissa Higgins: Coventry: ctsheepshearer@gmail.com, (860) 966-9264

Regina Malsbary: Tolland: rmalsbary@sbcglobal.net, (860) 742-5483

Anne McIntyre-Lahner: Guilford: olympiafarm@att.net. (203) 458-3070

Russell Robinson: Meriden: RWR54@aol.com, (860) 237-0637

Kevin Woolam: South Windsor: Nutrition Expert: kwoolam@cccfeeds.com, (860) 282-0818